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Darts Oche becomes the latest in a long string of dart related websites.

Although business website is mainstream, my love for the sports spans over decades of play.  I don’t feature all the sites I have written here, and updating to add the latest addition has never been a priority.

So what is different in Darts Oche? The video homepage is a feature I have introduced and use this also to update others. Styling sheet updates for images to automatically respond to mobile device resizing and a lot more besides.

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Trina Gulliver MBE

Trina Gulliver MBE - 10 Time World Darts Champion is the most successful ladies darts player that has ever lived. She has appeared in all the British Darts Organisation World Champion Finals at the home of darts the Lakeside. To date she has won the world championship nine times and over 300 major singles and doubles titles worldwide.

She has captained England to success for over thirteen years winning an impressive 63 caps more than any other England Ladies Player.

Trina gained her MBE to services to darts and charity work in in the H. M. Queen’s birthday honours 2013.

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Happy Days Caterers

Happy Days Caterers are a small catering firm based in Mizzymead Recreation Centre, Bristol. This small catering firm manages and runs the Centre’s on site restaurant, providing a hot and cold daily lunch menu and Sunday carvery. They also cater for and provide buffet menus for events held at the Recreation Centre as well as for events held on other sites. In addition Happy Days can also provide function rooms and entertainment to suit events; live singers, Dj’s, comedians.

This is a small business website designed to reflect Happy Days Caterers corporate image. It allows for ease of booking 24/7. This is a no frills site but does however deliver on the customer’s needs. (No longer operating)  

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Krown Hair – Mobile Hairstylist

For some it is not easy to attend a hair salon so why not have the salon come to you? Kristina Ord is a self-employed professionally qualified hair stylist based in Colchester, Essex. Kistrina has built up her businesses based purely on word of mouth but decided it was time to spread her wings a little further.

This site was built for Kistrina on the Wix platform and with a small bit of basic training she maintains the website herself. See what this young woman is all about. Mobile hairstyling is something that you may consider for a regular cut, a Wedding or corporate event or any other event you might have.

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The Dart Shop Network

The Dart Shop Network - UK, National

The Dart Shop Network. The biggest dart shop network in the world! This is a front end website that describes how the network of shops work. This site includes details of how you too can have your own online dart shop, managed by others for the benefit of you! Too good to be true? Check it out!

The setup is free for professional dart players, organisations, clubs and only a small fee is charged to those who fall outside this criteria. This is a great concept that's taken off extremely well.

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Home Baking Company

Home Baking

We all like to give something back now and again and this site was designed just for that. The represents my love and my sister’s love for baking. The site comprises of a number of baking recipes that can be easily made at home. This site it is written in HTML5.

The site raised a small amount of money for Comic Relief in 2013.

This site as well as the are called responsive websites this means they change when viewing on different screen / screen resolution size and type’s i.e. PC, tablet or mobile.

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Pub History Society

The Pub History Society was founded in 2001 and is growing slowly but steadily. The site captures some of the many fascinating historical history of some of the public houses in the UK. It isn’t a reflection of CAMRA as one might first think. This site concentrates on the history of establishments, pub signs and their origins, pub games and books. This site is still in its early stages and is regularly updated by its owner.

Like many of David King Web Development websites this site is maintained by the client. Some clients have some basic HTML or coding skills but lack the full knowledge of how to construction a full working template.

David King Web Development can also maintain the website updates for you allowing you to do what you do best run your business.

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Mark McGeeney

Mark McGeeney Professional Dart player

Mark McGeeney is the 2017 / 2018 BDO, WDF No.1 dart player. The 2018 world darts champion runner-up and two times back-to-back Dutch Open Champion 2017,2018.

Mark is one of the world's top dart players and is now under the management of darts and former boxing promotor Dunvegan Enterprisers, Sports Management.

Mark is a familiar face to all that watch and follow BDO darts events live or on TV. Known as ‘Gladiator’ Mark has made his name in a short period of time and is a current England international. With great International appeal, this website features quick translation, mini merchandise shop, gallery sort, booking / contact forms, profile, titles, sponsors, sponsorship and news pages.

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Department X

Single Page Web Design Example

Demonstrating the power of the single no fuss website. This site features what the client needs and yet also hides away parts that are revealed upon click. All sites need a policy of sorts covering cookies and privacy but this does not need to be in your face so here it slides away neatly.

Contact forms that also feature on most website again are hidden until needed allowing the viewer to focus on the bullet list content of the page. This website supports a number of existing websites but is clean and to the point.

The site is fully responsive and uses jump page links to quickly navigate to different parts of this extended page. Designed as a web design example it meets all the needs a basic website requires.

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Darts501 is one of the most popular independent dart resource websites on the internet.

Famed for its independent views, news and reviews this website provides information for beginners as well information for seasoned players. Event calendars, dartitis views, world champions, disability darts, rules, dartboard as well as professional players nicknames and walk-on music, plus online dart scorer and check out charts. Over 100 pages about the pub game that turned into an international and UK recognised sport.

This world-renowned website is in its third reincarnation. Fully responsive this sidebar framework website changes to a fully mobile website giving the reader an easy to read experience. This website also includes print area so event calendars can be changed and the printed version automatically changes.

If it is about darts then this website has it all with over 1.5 million views per year and growing rapidly.

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Sue Gulliver

Sue Gulliver, Professional Darts Player

Sue Gulliver is one of England’s most popular ladies dart players. Sue has competed at the top level of ladies darts and is still a force to be reckoned with. Sue is a Warwickshire County and former England International. Sue is also married to the ten-time Ladies World Darts Champion Trina Gulliver MBE.

This website is a clean single page website that is responsive to the viewing medium however it still conveys all that is required to have an online presence. The site includes a mail form, video, sponsor and social media links. This type of site is ideal for an individual or small business or an induvial that requires an online presence. Sue is currently looking for sponsorship.

The website contains fly-in text areas that work on a single page website, however, not recommended for larger sites. The site also contains embedded responsive video. (site now closed)

Project Detail

Graphics, Animation, Video

Graphics are an important part of any website and each designer, like an artist, have their own style. Our style is clean unfussy and balanced images.

A good website should look consistent across its pages and use a standard pallet of colours for its theme. The text type is also important. Poor sites tend to have multi-colour and many font types which can make the site hard to read and childlike.

Part of our web design will consist of making graphics, icons and working with photos you may provide. In some cases, photos may need to be retouched repaired and enhanced to make them easier and cleaner to the eye. Video, Audio and Animated files can be added and embedded into pages.

The visual impression is important to any website and a lot of self-build website users suffer when it comes to this area of design.

Graphics Animation Video