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We Provide

We provide a full list of the web services

  • Full Website Design
  • Domain Names
  • Emails Accounts @yourdomain
  • Web and email hosting
  • Electronic Forms Mail / Survey / Enquiries
  • Site Stat Counters*
  • File conversion to PDF / .jpg
  • Video and sound embedment
  • Video and sound file conversion
  • Online Photo Albums
  • Newsletter / Catalogue Generator
  • Image and Logos Design
  • Animated gif files /. jpg / .png /. tif /.svg
  • Photo Restoration and Repair
  • Database Website Members area / Login
* Site stat counters can be added to your site. David King Web Development uses a third party stat counter to monitor site traffic. Please note stat counters are not part of the standard design but can be added to the site upon request.

Reports and Graphs

We can provide via StatCounter or via your Google account Analytics from your website.

Analytics provide information on how your site is preforming. It can show the basics of how many pages have been read in a given period of time, how many visitors you have had and how many of them are unique or returning visitors.

With Analytics you can also review lots more. You may wish to see if promotional documents have been downloaded or how long some visitors stayed viewing your site. You can even create your own reports using tools provided via StatCounter / Google.

PC,T ablet and Mobile
"Please note analytics rely on cookies therefore the figures they show are always conservative."

Basic Reports

Basic weekly and / or monthly reporting can be emailed to your account. You can in some cases have reports automatically sent to others. The emailed information tends to be basic however in 98% of cases this is all that my customers tend to want.

The emailed information consists of how many visitors you have received, how many pages they have read and how many are unique! This can be first time viewers or people that may have returned after a long period of time.

Analytics Access

You can have numerous recipients to the emailed basic report and you can, along with others, have access to your reporting control panel. Access is given at various levels from full Admin to just viewing. Each person can have their own login account with the administrator controlling who can access and use the information it builds up.

Within the StatCounter control Panel you have access to the most recent page visits and you can follow a viewer’s path as they view your website. Time stamps, where they come from what type of device and search engines they have used can all been viewed. You may think this is 'big daddy' however it doesn’t tell you who the visitors are.

Graphs and Charts

You may wish to download a report and the StatCounter not only provides this in MS Excel, CSV or PDF reporting but you can also set the date and time parameters. For fast easy reports these can be viewed within the StatCounter control Panel; there is no need to download the files unless of course you want to.

Graphics are designed to suit you; anything from Bar Charts, Pie Graphics or Line Chats all at a click of a button.

There is no limit to summary logs however free versions of StatCounter only allow the last 500 pages visitors to be viewed in depth. Most customers find this suits their requirements however you can always upgrade to see more.

Website Cookies

What are cookies? Are they dangerous?

StatCounters cookies are a small piece of code that is placed on a viewer’s computer device. The cookie monitors and records the users visit.

Since 2011 European Law has stated that any European based website or that Serving European visitors that uses cookies directly or via a third party app should tell their European visitors they do so.

Some cookies are used when login into accounts are required in order for websites to function however others like StatCounter cookies are not. A user can block StatCounter cookies fairly easily and this does not affect the website nor the user experience. More information about cookies click here