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We offer some both standard and bespoke web packages that are sure to meet your needs.

We Provide

We provide a full list of the web services

  • Full Website Design
  • Domain Names
  • Emails Accounts @yourdomain
  • Web and email hosting
  • Electronic Forms Mail / Survey / Enquiries
  • Site Stat Counters*
  • File conversion to PDF / .jpg
  • Video and sound embedment
  • Video and sound file conversion
  • Online Photo Albums
  • Newsletter / Catalogue Generator
  • Image and Logos Design
  • Animated gif files /. jpg / .png /. tif /.svg
  • Photo Restoration and Repair
  • Database Website Members area / Login
* Site stat counters can be added to your site. David King Web Development uses a third party stat counter to monitor site traffic. Please note stat counters are not part of the standard design but can be added to the site upon request.

Graphic Design

Logos, Banners, Icons & More

Graphics are an important part of any web design and each designer like an artist has their own style. Our style is clean unfussy and balanced images.

A good website should look consistent across its pages keeping to a standard pallet. Text type is also important. Poor sites tend to have multi-colour and many font types which can make the site hard to read and childlike.

Animated PC Display

Part of our web design will consists in making graphics, icons and working with photos you may provide. In some cases photos may need to be retouched repaired and enhanced to make them easier and cleaner to the eye. Historical photos in some cases can be in a bad state of repair and although we cannot work miracles we try our best to restore images for use without making the repair to visible. 

Favicons / Apple iPad Screen Icons

What is a Favicon you might ask?

DJKing Favicon

A Favicon is a small icon that features next to your internet domain address. It works in most browsers and when your website is bookmarked the favicon will act as a quick reference for the user to link back to your website.

We will place a small favicon designed to reflect your website within the page code so it will appear in your browser.

Apple iPad / iPhone icons

iPad / iPhone Screen icon David King Web Development

If you have an Apple iPad, iPhone or an iPod Touch you may know that you can save a web link to your home screen and your Apple device will produce an icon for this link. If the website you are linking to has an Apple devise icon within the page code or within the root of the domain it will appear as an icon on your screen.

David King Web Development can produce Apple device home screen and bookmark icons for your website. As part of our designs will add the icon to your server and code to your web pages.

Favicon & iPad icon

Company LogosTM



If you have a new business and need a logo we are sure we can come up with something that will suit your website. We can also work with your existing logo so that your website reflects your corporate image and to make your site instantly recognisable as yours.

Logos can also be your Trade Mark. I.e. a quick easily recognisable mark that identifies your company.

Although we do not trade mark logos for you, you are free to register a logo we produce for you.

  • ™ Trade Mark - Trade Mark Your Logo
  • ® Register - Register Your Trading Name
  • © Copyright - Copyright Your Written Words
GOV.UK - Register UK Trade Mark


David King Web Development Animated GIF

The animated graphics you see on this page are animated GIF files. Basically a number of images linked together using animation software and a frame time delay applied. Here only a single anchor link can be applied unlike the picture carousel.

The animated man is a GIF file added to a marquee effect commonly used to scroll text be here is way of using this dated technique in a new way.

The icon animation you can see on the page and some others use a different technic and in some cases icons are layered.

Animated gifs can be useful to draw attention to a particular area of the webpage. However as shown here it is easy to over kill their use.

Walking Man

Photo Repair

Using digital technology it is now possible to repair old photo and in some cases doctor photos to place people into photos that couldn’t be in a group photo.

Repairing images varies depending on how much of the original still exists so each repair is different. Common repairs include creased photo, pen marks, ripped, discoloured and a combination of all. We can never say we can make it look like the original but in most cases repairs enable to see the picture in a better clearer light.

Repair and Restoration

There is a fine line in repair and restoring a photograph. Some are of the view that pictures should be seen as they are now without alteration however if the image is to be used in a book, web page or other media usually some enhancement is warranted.

With digital restoration files can be kept at various stages so you can choose what best fits your needs. Most of the photographs we have restored have been used as illustrations in books. Below you will see a few examples. However the small images don't really show the extent of work that has gone into each.