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We offer some both standard and bespoke web packages that are sure to meet your needs.

We Provide

We provide a full list of the web services

  • Full Website Design
  • Domain Names
  • Emails Accounts @yourdomain
  • Web and email hosting
  • Electronic Forms Mail / Survey / Enquiries
  • Site Stat Counters*
  • File conversion to PDF / .jpg
  • Video and sound embedment
  • Video and sound file conversion
  • Online Photo Albums
  • Newsletter / Catalogue Generator
  • Image and Logos Design
  • Animated gif files /. jpg / .png /. tif /.svg
  • Photo Restoration and Repair
  • Database Website Members area / Login

* Site stat counters can be added to your site. David King Web Development uses a third party stat counter to monitor site traffic. Please note stat counters are not part of the standard design but can be added to the site upon request.

Email Accounts

Why have an email

If you want your business to look professional it is always best to have an email account that features your domain. Depending on your hosting package will depend on how many and mail the box sizes you can have.

Using ' Go Daddy' service email accounts can easily be made within the control panel of the host known as cPanel. Basic options can give you an email accounts of 250MB to (the total space available within you hosting package).

Animated PC Display

You may wish to have more than one email as most clients do. A basic contact email and other accounts either yourname or jobtitle@your domain

Email Setup

Emails can be setup for you to your specification. I.e. name and email size. You can also add and remove accounts as well as changing account passwords (recommended).

We recommend for small business you set up generic email accounts as well as named email accounts.

Generic Account Examples

  • Info@
  • Customerservice@
  • Accounts@
  • Enquiries@
  • Marketing@
  • Sales@ can also be provided.


Limitations on the amount of email accounts and mail box sizes depend on your server package.

MS Outlook / Morzilla Thunderbird

You can use you mail client to access your email accounts or use one that your service provider provides. Setup details can be supplied so you can make the link.

Most server based email accounts support POP and IMAP accounts. With Go Daddy this process is straight forward. If you are using your own host then these details can be checked for you if you are unsure.

You can set up your Email account to delete the email from the server once it appears on your PC or keep a copy on the server. The pro’s to delete means it saves your space however it also means if you want to access the email from another pc or other devices the email won’t appear because it has been downloaded. We recommend that a copy is left on your server and only gets deleted when you delete the mail from the server.

Tablets / Mobiles

If you are on the move you can assess your business email account on your mobile or tablet. Setups may vary depending on your hosting however 'Go Dadaddy' cPanel email accounts can be setup without too much difficultly.

Using your mobile you can also invoke notifications to automatically check your emails at pre-set time intervals.

iPads / iPhones, Android and Windows phones all can be configured to undertake this task.

Please Note some service providers charge for this service

Mail Forms

To help reduce spam mail from your website. Emails are either encrypted or hidden within a mail form.

Mail forms are designed so that you receive messages in a constructed way and the sender provides information that you require. Mail forms can also have areas that must be completed and other areas left to the sender to complete if he or she wishes.

Forms also contain checking code and other hidden code to again help stop automatic computer generating spamming. However nothing is 100% fool proof. If someone wishes to fill in a form with duff information and send it there isn’t much you can do about it.