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  • Full Website Design
  • Domain Names
  • Emails Accounts @yourdomain
  • Web and email hosting
  • Electronic Forms Mail / Survey / Enquiries
  • Site Stat Counters*
  • File conversion to PDF / .jpg
  • Video and sound embedment
  • Video and sound file conversion
  • Online Photo Albums
  • Newsletter / Catalogue Generator
  • Image and Logos Design
  • Animated gif files /. jpg / .png /. tif /.svg
  • Photo Restoration and Repair
  • Database Website Members area / Login

* Site stat counters can be added to your site. David King Web Development uses a third party stat counter to monitor site traffic. Please note stat counters are not part of the standard design but can be added to the site upon request.

Image Effects

Albums, Galleries, Scrolling, Slide Shows and Animation

Images can be an important part to any website and good images can help sell your services or products. In most cases this may just be a company logo or static photographs or image. However we can also add effects to photos and images to make them change and or pop up a bit of information about what you can see.

On this page we will go though some of the graphic effects that are used starting with the graphic immediately below the animated .gif

Amimated PC Display

Slider Carousel

Slider Carousel

Control & Function

Slider Carousels are design to display a number of images within one given space. It is possible to add links and other embedment such as a video player within the carousels.

Carousels are best used on a home page to display anything from current news, event features, and promotions or just to advertise your company. The viewer can use the carousel controls to skip back or advance forward through the images. The time delay for image advance can be adjusted to suit your site. Moving your pc mouse over an image prevents it from moving onto the next thus giving time for the view to read any text an image may have.


Click on a picture to expand the view.

Click to Enlarge Picture
Gallery Example (Pic 1)
Click to Enlarge Picture
Gallery Example (Pic 2)
Click to Enlarge Picture
Gallery Example (Pic 3)
Click to Enlarge Picture
Gallery Example (Pic 4)


Control & Function

Picture galleries allow you to show a large number of thumbnail size images within a small area and when clicked on expand into a larger version with added galley control.

Galleries come in various forms but fundamentally do the same function.

Gallerias are not for all websites however should your company hold an event and you want to share some images this may be one way to do it. Other methods, newsletters, Flickr and other forms of image display that you can see on this website.

This demo uses a lytebox function that can be customised to suit any website theme.

Picture Rotation

Basic no viewer movement control

Picture animation can be achieved a number of ways from the basic seen here to adding transition effects and popup. This basic method allows you to change images and have a single link to another page / site. This is an easy coding method that requires little skill yet it still has the effect of a more complicated piece of web coding.

The basic image rotator also allows you to rotate image of different sizes. The transition speed again can be easily be changed to increase or decrease the time it takes to display the next image. This coding works across most browser types including early versions of the key five browsers. PC’s and other devices must have java enabled

Rotating images

People at Work

Slide Shows

This is similar to Scrolling / Rotation images however the code allow the viewer to pause the image by using a mouse over or in this example moving back or forward to an image by clicking on the button locations below the slider. The example also shows addition popup text which can be turned off or on. Variations of this code can be used.


David King Web Development Animated GIF

The animated graphics you see on this page are animated GIF files. Basically a number of images linked together using animation software and a frame time delay applied. Here only a single anchor link can be applied unlike the picture carousel.

The animated man is a GIF file added to a marquee effect commonly used to scroll text be here is way of using this dated technique in a new way.

The icon animation you can see on the page and some others use a different technic and in some cases icons are layered.

Animated gifs can be useful to draw attention to a particular area of the webpage. However as shown here it is easy to over kill their use.

Walking Man


Not every website requires a gallery. With the instant media sharing websites of Flickr, Facebook and Twitter website galleries have become less used. However put in the right place galleries are the ideal way to show events, exhibitions, styles and designs.

Using lytebox technology Galleries can be links making the transition from one image to another seamless. Small thumb nail images can be clicked upon to show larger images making it easier for the viewer to see greater detail.