Project Detail The Pub History Society

The Pub History Society

The Pub History Society (PHS) not to be confused with CAMRA is a site dedicated to the history of the England Public House, its traditions games and drinking vessels. You could say everything except the beer!

This was a site rewrite. The PHS already had a website created by the founder of the PHS however has things started to grow the old site was getting a little difficult to navigate and having only basic web knowledge and not much coding skill I was asked to redesign the PHS website so that the founder could still maintain the updates. The founder does make all the updates and can now develop the site to bigger and greater things.

Project site features

  • Internal search picks up everything on the site even if you add new pages
  • Basic Graphic Slider

This site would have contained more features however the client’s very basic server package wouldn’t allow for PHP or database programing. Hence the plug-in’s!