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We offer some both standard and bespoke web packages that are sure to meet your needs.

We Provide

We provide a full list of the web services

  • Full Website Design
  • Domain Names
  • Emails Accounts @yourdomain
  • Web and email hosting
  • Electronic Forms Mail / Survey / Enquiries
  • Site Stat Counters*
  • File conversion to PDF / .jpg
  • Video and sound embedment
  • Video and sound file conversion
  • Online Photo Albums
  • Newsletter / Catalogue Generator
  • Image and Logos Design
  • Animated gif files /. jpg / .png /. tif /.svg
  • Photo Restoration and Repair
  • Database Website Members area / Login

* Site stat counters can be added to your site. David King Web Development uses a third party stat counter to monitor site traffic. Please note stat counters are not part of the standard design but can be added to the site upon request.

What is SEO?

Site Engine Optimisation

There are millions of websites on the internet and everyone wants to be listed first on searches that are entered towards your services, products, club or information.

Writing a website is just one part of the process. Write a website that can be found is another.

Optimising your webpages is a crucial part of any design. Web crawlers need to see the key attributes of your website compared to a search that has been submitted. Also the search engine ranking works differently with different search engines. Google being the most popular search engine applies a different criteria for web ranking than others. Listed below are just some things we do to help you get noticed on the web.

Animated PC Display

“Don’t for get to put your website address and email on all your letterheads, business cards, promotional leaflets and email signatures”

Search Submission

Once your site has been built we need to tell search engines that your site exists and where it can be found. David King Web Development use a free search inclusion tool to submit your website to the top forty web search engines. These include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask Jeeves…

Search engine submission also requires verification and additional website description and link words inclusion. This is all done for you so you site can be seen ASAP. Paid services include your site on more search engines, some of which are not used as frequently as the FREE submission.

Pay for click to have your site shown on a Google, Yahoo, Bing advertising link can also be done however this can prove costly on some key search words. But can always be added at a later date.

Key Words & Web Crawlers

To help your site get noticed a number of hidden tags can be added to your web site. These are known as <meta tags>. These tags cover a basic description of your business and is something you see when you see your site listed in a web search.

Key words are also important, these are words may be used to by searchers to help find you or find businesses like yours area location tags i.e. where you are can also be added. These are added only if this is applicable to you. If you are a club owner then you may want such a tag however if you offer worldwide services then this is less important.

Web crawlers help search engines crawl your website looking for text headings and text related to searches. These and other tags are not normally part of a build your own site online using a WYSIWYG programs.

Website Layout

Titles on your web pages known as header tags are also useful to search engines. The search engine crawler will look for these tags in relation to a web search. Within the design process we look to include these where possible. Titles tags are given their own ranking of importance, these are also usually associated with size height 1 being usually the biggest and boldest down to 6 being of less of importance.

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6

Of course all of these don’t have to be used

Site Maps

There are website site maps that allow the viewer a quick glance of what your site has to offer without the need for a search or by trawling though endless pages and there are site maps that are designed for search engine listings.

Search engine site maps are not a visible part of the website. This type of site map is usually written after the completion of the website when it is live on web server. This site map is loaded to your server and in some cases directly linked to search engines such as Google. Site maps can also tell search engines how frequently search engines should review and index your web pages. Some pages may be updated more frequently than others hence to say you may wish the search engine to look more frequently on these pages than other.

When new pages are added we update the site map for you.