Project Detail Krown Hair

Krown Hair - Kristina Ord

Kristina Ord is a young professional hairdresser based in Essex. Her business is mobile based and caters for all that prefer a personal home based hair dressing services. The service she provides is ideal for people who are time busy, who can’t get out and for those special events such as Weddings.

Kristina asked if I could build her a website that she could maintain but having no web skills I suggested that we look at an online web builder that requires no programing skills on Kristina’s part. The initial site made use of a template which was added too to make it unique for Kristina. With only a bit of basic training Kristina has managed to updated text, pictures and offers on her site.

Project site features

  • Web Based Hosting template amended
  • Pictures / Logo updated
  • Mail & Booking form
  • European Cookie Law added
  • Basic Training given
  • SEO added to the template
  • Gallery / Twitter / Facebook