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Home Baking

Comic relief comes around every two years and in 2013 we thought it would be good to raise some money by selling a few homemade bakes! The cakes were the best hit and my take on a traditional cherry cake. We made a cherry cake the 'Red Nose and Snotty nose cake' we just added some green as well as red cherries in it. I thought it would appeal to kids! Eating a snotty noses!

The site was a quickly put together to link directly into the Red Nose Appeal account we set up at the time. Visitors can download all the recipes from the site and if they felt inclined could donate directly to Comic Relief. I had a shallow target of £100 but over £136 was donated. Thank you!

You can still download the recipes however the donation account is now closed. We may revise the site for the next fund raiser in 2017.

Project site features

  • HTML5 Responsive website
  • Print / Downloadable Recipes
  • Contact form
  • Comic Relief Donation widget
  • Comic Relief Account Payment (now removed)
  • Great Recipes!